• Saturday 7th December 2019

Afghan Army Kills 5 Pakistanis Entering Balochistan Territory Zhob

Following India, Afghan forces started violation of international borders as at least five Pakistanis including a trooper and a woman were killed as the Afghan army opened fire at the border of Balochistan, officials said on Wednesday.

A woman and her two brothers are among the deceased in this incident of unprovoked firing that took place at border town, Qamarddin , near the Zhob district of Balochistan. According to officials, Afghan forces penetrated inside Pakistani territory on three vehicles and opened fire on the tribal village.

One Levis (paramilitary force) personnel was among five killed in cross border aggression and over 20 people were injured in ambush that took place earlier on Wednesday.

The deceased were identified as Mullah Fateh, Zahir Khan, Muhammad Ameen, Mir Dad and an unknown woman.

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