• Sunday 9th August 2020

Balochistan: Eu Mission Meets Bnp M Senior Leaders

While the European Union Election Observation Mission (EOM) will not be present in Balochistan to monitor the upcoming Pakistani elections, the Chief Observer Michael Gahler, Member of EP, has met with Baloch politicians in Karachi.

Below is an article published by International The News:

Gahler met with senior leaders of the BNP-M and the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party on Tuesday [23 April]. “During this trip I’ve met with a wide range of people playing an important role in this election. Given that we are not in a position to be present for long-term observation in Balochistan, I am particularly glad to have met with some of its political leaders. We will carry on following what is happening in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan,” Gahler said.

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