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Baluchistan At European Parliament: Two Events With Opposing Perspectives, Abdulla Baluch

The same defunct vision on Baluchistan was echoed by Balochistan People’s Party(OSTOMAN) at the event on 9th Oct 2013 in a room at the EU Parliament.

Baluchistan at European Parliament: Two events with opposing perspectives

October 24, 2013

baloch-signThe difficulty with such parties stems from their misrepresentation of the Baluch struggle and the sense of Baluch people’s belonging at open and democratic forums. Their approach to the Baluch issue is a treacherous act at a time where pro-independent Baluch leaders and activists are actively engaging international politicians in search of a broad international recognition and support to the liberation of Baluchistan. It is irony that the politicians from the USA to EU are for the liberation of Baluchistan, but these pro-Pakistan and pro-Iran Baluch leaders and parties see liberation or as they depict it, separation of Baluchistan as no solution.

In the first half of the October 2013, two events were held at the European Parliament to discuss the issue of Baluch and Baluchistan.

The first event albeit with little importance was organised by a non-governmental organisation the “Un-represented Nations & Peoples Organisation” to promote a forged working plan for Baluch, Kurds, Arabs and others in a supposedly representative Iran on 9th Oct 2013. It was attended by Baluch, Kurdish, Arab political parties.

The second event was organised by “European Conservatives & Reformists” on 15th October 2013. At this event several leading international politicians took part namely Republican Congressman from Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, who is member of the House Judiciary Committee and member of the Crime, Terror and Homeland Security Sub-Committee by conveying a message. Other speakers were MEP from Poland Ryszard Czarnecki, Canadian MP Russ Hiebert, Mr Paulo Casaca the Executive Director of South Asia Democratic Forum, Mehran Marri the Baluchistan representative at the UNHRC and the EU, and Tarek Fatah the executive director of the newly formed think tank, ‘Balochistan House’. The event was entitled as “Baluchistan: Destiny Denied”.

At the event as its title reveals the focus was on liberty and future of Baluchistan. The influential Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner in his message to the event openly called on the Pakistan government to “cease its authoritarian operations” in Baluchistan. He said, “Americans empathize with Baluchistan’s call for self-determination.”

Baluchistan, the congressman from Wisconsin added, “The Baluch people have passed for nearly seven decades to throw the yoke of Pakistani rule … Baluch activism had been met by Pakistani armour, artillery and air strikes.”

Rep Sensenbrenner said in his statement, “I support … freedom and liberty for the Baluch people. It is their right to determine their future and how best to protect the rights of Baluchistan’s citizens.”

It is reported that all speakers supported Baluch’s right to be liberated from the occupation.

The Chairman of oversight subcommittee on foreign affairs of the USA, the Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has been a strong supporter of Baluch people and he tabled a bill in the congress in relation to legitimate rights of Baluch people for freedom. There are several other US congressmen who have been expressing their support to the Baluch rights for freedom.

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