• Saturday 16th January 2021

Demonstration international Day

The Balochistan Peoples Party’s branch in Sweden held a demonstration of Swedish Parliament on the 16 December 2017 to bring to the attention of the international community to the aggressive and discriminatory policies of the Iranian Islamic regime in Balochistan.
The protest called upon the Swedish government and European Union to take immediate action against the aggressive and discriminating policies of the Iranian Islamic regime that is focused on impressing forceful assimilation policies, extra-judicial killing, arrest and killing.
The Iranian regime continues to eliminate the Baloch culture and its historical identity by systematically changing the demographic ratio of Baloch people population. The government has already started to wipe out the name of the Balochistan province from the Iranian map by dividing the province into smaller pieces and assigning the regions new names.

Banners in both Balochi and English were proudly displayed with slogans reading “Baloch political and prisoners of conscience must be freed”, “No to Demographic Change in Balochistan”, “Balochi language and Balochistan is our national identity”, “No to confiscation of the Baloch Coast by the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps”, “We ask Swedish Government and the European Union to urge the Iranian regime to stop aggressive and discriminating policies in Baloch”.

Resolution in Swedish

Balochistan Peoples parties (Balochiska folkpartiets) resolution i samband med FN internationella dagen den 10:e december för människliga rättigheter

Den dagliga kränkningen av det balochiska folkets rättigheter från den islamiska regimen håller på att breda ut sig i en ny omfattning. Rohanis regering har ökat förtrycket i mängder i alla områden i Balochistan.