• Sunday 17th January 2021

Fifth Forum On Minority Issues Perspectives From Young Minority Rights Advocates On The Declaration Ms. Monireh Sulemani, Balochistan People´s Party

Young Baloch women face multiple forms of discrimination being women, Baloch and Sunni Muslims. A reality coloured by state gender-biased laws and traditional gender expectation.

Thank you Madam Chair,

In order to address the perspective of Baloch youth it is necessary to point out that Balochistan is the largest but poorest and the most underdeveloped region in Iran with one of the highest rates of illiteracy and lack of adequate educational facilities.

In context of institutional disregard of human rights members of ethnical and religious minorities such as Baloch, Kurds, Ahwazi Arabs, Azeri Turks, Turkmen and also Bahais are targeted and discriminated against.

Baloch activism whether social, cultural or political is treated as an overall security threat.
Individuals frequently face arbitrary arrests and are often held incommunicado.

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