• Saturday 7th December 2019

Financial Times: Turkey Has Called On Us To Lift Kurdish Oil Ban

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Financial Times: Turkey Has Called On Us To Lift Kurdish Oil Ban
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The United Kalavrvta tanker, which last month was prevented from offloading $100 million worth of Kurdish oil after arriving in the United States.



Financial Times: Turkey Has Called on US to Lift Kurdish Oil Ban


LONDON – Turkey has called on the US to lift obstacles to the sale of oil by Iraq’s cash-strapped Kurds to help in their war with Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants, London’s Financial Times reported.

The daily quoted a senior but unidentified Turkish official as saying, “This is urgent: ISIS is now selling its oil, but the Kurds are not allowed to sell their oil,” a reference to oil fields and installations captured by the militants in eastern Syria and near Mosul in northern Iraq.

“Our message for the US is always very clear,” the newspaper quoted the Turkish official as saying. “There is a dispute within Iraq on how to interpret the constitution (over rights to oil revenues) but if outsiders take sides it will not benefit either Iraq, nor energy security, nor future political conciliation.”

The United States, siding with the central government in Baghdad, has opposed the Kurds selling their oil independently, fearing that would embolden the Kurdistan Region’s bid to declare statehood and break up Iraq.

Since last week, US jets have been involved in air strikes against IS positions near Erbil, and momentum has been building in Europe to get behind the Kurds, with France sending arms and the European Union considering doing the same.

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