• Wednesday 21st April 2021

Unpo:Balochistan: Appeal Concerning The Men Arrested In Nasir Abad

Various representative of the regime gave different versions, accounts, and reasons for the arrests of the people in Nasir Abad.

UNPO:Balochistan: Appeal Concerning the Men Arrested in Nasir Abad

The Balochistan People’s Party (BPP) has released an appeal with the aim to put pressure on the Iranian Authorities to release those arrested on 4 January 2015. However, the reason for the arrests remains unclear, as various representatives of the regime have given different explanations, numbers, and accounts for the arrests. Since then, families have not had the chance to visit the victims. As the rights of Baloch people are violated and as the discriminatory policies of the Iranian government allow torture and execution of Baloch prisoners, the BPP is urging for action to call upon the Iranian authorities.

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