• Tuesday 18th May 2021

Kutchi Muslims In Karachi’s Lyari Live In Shadow Of Death By Bhavesh Shah

These Muslims are known as Balochi, Gujarati or Kutchi Muslims.

PAC-controlled criminal gangs killed over 200 Kutchi Muslims in past 2 years, including 11 last week.

Prosperity and peace come for a cost at times. Kutchi Muslims in Lyari, Pakistan, are under threat. Over the past two years, nearly 200 members of the community have lost their lives, including 11 last week, in attacks by local criminal gangs, controlled by the Peoples’ Aman Committee (PAC).

Kutchi Muslims alleged that PAC, despite being banned by the government in 2011, still gets the support and shelter of the local administration.

Local gangsters and militias have been attacking the homes and businesses of Kutchis in the area with rocket launchers, automatic rifles and hand grenades. “The local police or the provincial government of Sindh does not have any control over these goons. We believe the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) gives shelter to them,” Kutchi Rabta Committee (KRC) president Hussain Kutchi told dna.

“While you are asking me questions about our fate, I have received information that just two blocks from the KRC office, a 23-year-old woman has been killed in a firing by unidentified men. Two others have suffered bullet injuries. The situation is very bad as there is complete anarchy here,” Hussain said.

Lyari — one of the 18 constituent towns of Karachi — is a battleground for supremacy. Goons want to control the economy which is controlled by Kutchi Muslims at present. Out of the total population of 15 lakh in the town, 60 per cent are Muslims, having their roots in Kutch.

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